Our Donors

Thank you for your support! The people who believe in education and research, and the advancement of medicine, make FAER’s mission a reality through generous financial support of our grants and programs. Private support of FAER funds discoveries and innovations that change the way we practice medicine and care for our patients.

INDIVIDUAL DONORS – Lifetime Generosity

Recognizing those who have made lifetime gifts of more than $25,000
Joseph F. Antognini, MD+
David L. Brown, MD
Simon Gelman, MD+
Ronald L. Katz, MD+
Kathryn E. McGoldrick, MD+
Edward D. Miller, MD
Ronald D. Miller, MD
Frank Moya, MD
Alan D. Sessler, MD+
Drs. Ximena and Daniel Sessler
Bruce M. Shepard, MD (dec.)
Theodore H. Stanley, MD
Denham S. Ward, MD, PhD+
James R. Zaidan, MD, MBA+

Recognizing those who have made lifetime gifts of more than $10,000
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Annis
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Berry+
Azmy Boutros, MD+
Frederick W. Cheney, MD+
Joanne M. Conroy, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cordes
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce F. Cullen
Donn Dennis, MD, FAHA+
James C. Eisenach, MD+
Alex S. Evers, MD
Lee A. Fleisher, MD+
D. David Glass, MD+
Drs. Jerome H. and Shirley Graves Modell
Alan W. Grogono, MD, FRCA
Orin F. Guidry, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Hall+
Alexander and Carol Hannenberg+
Joy L. Hawkins, MD
Bradley J. Hindman, MD+
Carl C Hug Jr., MD, PhD
Francis M. James III, MD+
Joanne Jene, MD+
Sean K. Kennedy, MD
Jeffrey R. Kirsch, MD
Mark J. Lema, MD, PhD
Cynthia A. Lien, MD
Dr. Philip and Christine Lumb+
M. Jane Matjasko, MD
Dr. Mervyn Maze and Janet Wyner-Maze
John B. Neeld, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Otto
Srikanth S. Patankar, MD, MBBS
Ronald G. Pearl, MD, PhD
Kai Rehder, MD+
Michael F. Roizen, MD
Duane K. Rorie, MD, PhD
Myer H. Rosenthal, MD
Armin Schubert, MD, MBA+
Eugene P. Sinclair, MD+
M. Christine Stock, MD, FCCP, FCCM
Michael M. Todd, MD
Paloma Toledo, MD, MPH
Charles A. Vacanti, MD
Shu-Ming Wang, MD
Mark and Mary Ellen Warner
Margaret Wood, MD, FRCA
Warren Zapol, MD and Nikki Zapol, JD


Ann Bardeen-Henschel, MD, dec. (hon.)
Burdett S. Dunbar, MD
Simon Gelman, MD, PhD
Drs. Jerome H. and Shirley Graves Modell
Carl C. Hug, Jr., MD, PhD
Alan J. Mandel, MD
Gertie Marx, MD, dec. (hon.)
Linda J. Mason, MD
Kathryn E. McGoldrick, MD
George A. Rooke, MD, PhD
Bruce M. Shepard, MD, dec. (hon.)
Robert W. Vaughan, MD and Marjorie Sue Vaughan, PhD, RN
Yvonne Wagner, MD
Dr. Warren and Ms. Nikki Zapol

Acknowledging total annual contributions made between 1/1/2014 and 12/31/2014. Individual contributors noted with an (+) have supported for FAER 10 or more consecutive years. Lifetime contribution totals were calculated using donations received from 1995 through 12/31/2014.