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Anesthesiology Departments and Mentors: Apply to Host a FAER Medical Student Fellow for Summer Research

The Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research is seeking applications from anesthesiology departments to host medical students for 2016 summer research fellowships through the FAER MSARF Program.

Through the Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship Summer Program, FAER strives to provide medical students with a variety of research opportunities within anesthesiology departments that have high-quality research and teaching environments. Anesthesiology departments host FAER medical student fellows and support them in focusing on anesthesiology research, training in scientific methods and techniques, and learning how to incorporate research into a medical career.

FAER medical student anesthesia research fellowships are awarded through an annual application cycle. Anesthesiology departments apply to host one or more FAER students, and medical students apply to be matched into a research fellowship at one of the host anesthesiology departments.

Medical student summer fellows receive a $400 per week stipend for eight consecutive weeks for a total of $3,200. FAER provides some or all of the funding to the host anesthesiology department, which in turn pays the student.

Departments and mentors that are interested in hosting a FAER MSARF participant for the summer 2016 program can apply online beginning September 1. Applications are due October 1.

Departments are expected to assign a dedicated mentor to work with the student during the eight-week program, and to assign the student to a research project that will provide them with exposure to the scientific process, give them material for a presentation at the ASA annual meeting, and prepare them for future careers as anesthesiologists and investigators.

For more information about the MSARF program and eligibility requirements, visit and download the “Summer Program Instructions (PDF)” available on the right-hand side of the page. Instructions for anesthesiology department host applications begin on page 9.

The application website will be available via starting September 1.

Special Note to Previous Host Departments: If you are reapplying as an MSARF host site, and have questions regarding the renewal of your application, please contact Ginger Smith at the information provided below.

Questions? Please contact Ginger Smith, Medical Student Programs Coordinator, at 847-268-9236 or