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Inspiring, Preparing and Supporting Academic Anesthesiologists: Highlights From 2014

This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of the ASA Newsletter.

As the specialty’s leading provider of career development grant funding, FAER dedicates every aspect of its work to inspiring, preparing and supporting anesthesiologists to pursue newfound knowledge that advances medicine and patient care. Throughout 2014, thanks to the generosity of the anesthesiology community, FAER was able to put that dedication into action by delivering top-notch resources and funding to early career anesthesiologists and trainees.

Research Grants
• Sixteen anesthesiologists representing 13 institutions received FAER grants in 2014 in the areas of basic science, clinical, translational, health services or education research. The award funding exceeded $2.5 million, which is the highest amount FAER has ever awarded during a grant cycle.
• Continuing the track record of success by FAER grantees, 10 of the 21 anesthesiologists who have completed work on a FAER-funded Mentored Research Training Grant since 2010 received NIH funding in 2014. Others received significant extramural funding from organizations such as the American Heart Association and institutional grants (See table). 2015_4_64
• At its October 2014 meeting, the FAER Board of Directors voted to offer a second grant funding cycle in 2015. This is the first time since 2008 that two cycles have been held. By providing a second opportunity to apply for funding, FAER aims to receive additional meritorious applications of which to award funding, in turn increasing the amount of extramurally funded research activity in anesthesiology. The FAER board has also committed funds from its reserves to fund both grant cycles. The next application deadline is August 15. For more information and details on how to apply, visit

Research Awards
• FAER recognizes and supports research excellence in residents by providing prizes for the best scientific posters presented at regional resident research conferences. In 2014, FAER awarded six prizes each to residents at the following conferences: the Midwest Anesthesia Residents Conference (MARC), the Pennsylvania Residents Research Conference (PARRC) and the Western Anesthesia Residents Conference (WARC). First place prize winners included:
• MARC: Stephen Kolb, M.D., Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; Eric Simon, M.D., Medical College of Wisconsin.
• PARRC: Saifeldin Mahmoud, M.D., Ph.D., Penn State Milton S. Hersey Medical Center.
• WARC: Paul Riegelhaupt, M.D., Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco; Jed Wolpaw, M.D., University of California, San Francisco.
• For the past three years, FAER has awarded cash prizes for the top posters presented at the ASA PRACTICE MANAGEMENT conference.

Medical Student Research Fellowships
• In addition to its support of academic faculty, FAER aims to expand the scientific talent in the specialty by providing fellowships to medical students with an interest in anesthesiology and research. Last year, 60 medical students participated in the FAER Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship Summer Program thanks to the hospitality of 37 host anesthesiology departments. The students presented their research during a three-hour symposium at the ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2014 annual meeting.
• Also in 2014, two medical students began year-long anesthesia research fellowships supported by FAER. 
Rebecca S. Bickham, B.S., Medical School and Fellowship Institution: University of Michigan School of Medicine – “Predicting postoperative opioid-related adverse events and unplanned admissions in children with sleep-disordered breathing.” Mentors: Alan R. Tait, Ph.D., Terri D. Voepel-Lewis, Ph.D. 
Claudia L. Sotillo, B.S., Medical School: Boston University; Fellowship Institution: Harvard Medical School Brigham and Women’s Hospital – “Next generation sequencing: An approach to identify genetic susceptibility for rheumatic heart disease.” Mentors: Jochen D. Muehlschlegel, M.D., MMSc, FAHA; Simon C. Body, M.B., Ch.B., M.P.H., FAHA.

Resident Scholarships for Annual Meeting
• Sixty anesthesiology residents participated in the FAER Resident Scholar Program, which provides selected anesthesiology residents with the opportunity to attend the ASA ANESTHESIOLOGY® annual meeting each year.

Mentor Academies
• After completing its first formal nomination process, the FAER Academy of Education Mentors in Anesthesiology added to its ranks new members Matthew D. McEvoy, M.D., Vanderbilt University; John D. Mitchell, M.D., Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; David J. Murray, M.D., Washington University School of Medicine; Rita M. Patel, M.D., University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; Mark Stafford-Smith, M.D., FRCPC, Duke University Medical Center; and James R. Zaidan, M.D., M.B.A., Emory University.
• The Academy of Research Mentors in Anesthesiology welcomed new members Michael A. Gropper, M.D., Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco; Sean Mackey, M.D., Ph.D., Stanford University School of Medicine; and Pratik Pandharipande, M.D., Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The Research Mentor Academy membership now includes more than 70 of the top mentors and physician scientists in anesthesiology. This group works together to strengthen the quality of research mentoring in the specialty.

Subspecialty Society Activities
• In 2014, FAER made a $10,000 disbursement to the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology (SOAP) as part of the $50,000, five-year Gertie Marx/FAER Research and Education Grant. SOAP utilized part of the grant money for programs at its annual meeting in Toronto. Eleni Tsigas, Executive Director of the Preeclampsia Foundation, a patient advocacy group with a results-oriented mission, was the Gertie Marx/FAER lecturer. SOAP also hosted a Gertie Marx Research Competition and was able to award financial prizes due to Dr. Marx’s support of FAER.
• FAER also supports programming in conjunction with the Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA-HVO Overseas Fellowship), and the Society for Technology in Anesthesia (FAER Panel at the STA Annual Meeting).
Translational Medical Research and Innovation
• As part of a new initiative, FAER hosted the first-ever Anesthesiology Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACIE) in January 2014. ACIE aimed to expand knowledge of invention and innovation in anesthesia, and educate anesthesiologists on how to be successful physician entrepreneurs. ACIE has evolved into the Anesthesiology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, which houses novel activities that exemplify FAER’s mission to advance medicine through research and education in anesthesiology.

Advances in anesthesiology are made possible by individuals who believe in research and education. Supporting physician scientists through the formative stages of their careers will expand research in anesthesiology and will benefit the specialty, medical centers and, most importantly, patients. FAER thanks all of its donors for investing in the future of anesthesiology through research and education and for making our grants and programs possible.

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