The Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research provides educational opportunities and career development for anesthesiologists, residents and medical students. Advancing anesthesia education is core to FAER’s mission, and it is core to many of FAER’s programs.For medical students interested in careers in anesthesiology research, the Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship (MSARF) program is an important starting point. For anesthesia residents actively beginning careers in academics and research, the FAER Resident Scholar Program provides a gateway to the latest knowledge in the specialty. For anesthesiologists who serve as mentors, investigators and educators, FAER’s mentor academies and various programs offer valuable information you can apply to your career.

Resident Scholar Program

The FAER Resident Scholar Program provides anesthesiology residents with the opportunity to attend the ANESTHESIOLOGY annual meeting. Residents participate in activities at the annual meeting including workshops, scientific sessions, exhibits and refresher courses.

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Research Mentor Academy

The FAER Academy of Research Mentors in Anesthesiology is a resource for the development of mentors and role models in academic anesthesia.

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Education Mentor Academy

The FAER Academy of Education Mentors in Anesthesiology initiates and engages in activities to improve education mentorship in anesthesiology

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Lectures, Panels & Awards

Each year, FAER hosts a number of lectures, workshops and panels — and provides awards — that serve as an extension of our core educational and research grant programs. These occur at the ASA annual meeting, anesthesia subspecialty society meetings, regional resident conferences and others.

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