Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship Program

FAER Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship Program

FAER’s Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowships provide funding to support medical students over a summer or a year in focusing on anesthesiology research, training in scientific methods and techniques, and learning how to incorporate research into a medical career.

Medical student anesthesia research fellowships are awarded through an annual application cycle. By providing fellowships to medical students with an interest in anesthesiology and research, FAER aims to expand the scientific talent in academic anesthesiology.


The summer fellowship provides medical students with an eight-week research experience within an academic anesthesiology department. During the fellowship, students participate in research and training activities, as well as clinical anesthesia activities. In addition, medical student summer fellows have the opportunity to make a scientific presentation at the American Society of Anesthesiologists annual meeting.

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FAER’s year-long medical student fellowship is for those who would like to spend a year focusing on anesthesiology research and receive additional training, and who have completed their core clinical rotations but have not yet graduated.

Through the program, medical student fellows can expect:
•    One year of full-time research in anesthesiology
•    A formal mentor-protégé relationship with an experienced investigator
•    Training in scientific methods and research techniques
•    A $32,000 stipend, plus additional funding to cover relocation, housing, health insurance, travel to a national meeting and other related expenses

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