Visiting Professor Program

The FAER Visiting Professor Program is a new program that recognizes the importance of anesthesiology research and education. FAER will develop a database of visiting professors in anesthesiology, including the topics of their lectures and recent visiting professorships. The database will be available on for anesthesia departments and faculty members to use when searching for a visiting professor. FAER Visiting Professors have agreed to designate all or part of their honorariums to FAER.

We are currently recruiting experienced visiting professors to participate in the program. To sign up, please complete the registration form using this link.

Who is currently enrolled as a FAER Visiting Professor?

Why should I become a FAER Visiting Professor?

  • You will be listed as an anesthesiology visiting professor on FAER’s Visiting Professor program page on, which will be available for anesthesiology departments and faculty members to search for visiting professors.
  • By transforming your speaking honorarium into a gift to FAER, you will support research and education in anesthesiology and invest in the future of the specialty. Your donation will provide essential support to FAER’s research grants and programs.
  • When you designate your honorarium to FAER, you will be acknowledged among other FAER Visiting Professors and donors in our annual report and on our website.

How do I become a FAER Visiting Professor?
To become a FAER Visiting Professor, please complete the registration form.

The registration form will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Contact information (email, phone, address)
  • Titles, primary objectives and categories of lectures, seminars, journal clubs, etc. (up to three)
  • Recent visiting professorships (up to three)

I am a FAER Visiting Professor. What happens now?

  • You will be listed as a FAER Visiting Professor on when the visiting professor database launches.
  • As you make arrangements for your next visiting professorship, inform the host institution or anesthesiology department from which you are receiving an honorarium that you would like to donate your fee to FAER.
  • Each time FAER receives an honorarium donation from you or the host institution, you will receive an acknowledgement letter in the mail.
  • FAER Visiting Professors will receive quarterly emails from FAER that will provide you with the opportunity to update your recent visiting professorship list and topics.

Special Notes
The FAER Visiting Professor program will not endorse any specific faculty member, visiting professor, anesthesiology department, or medical school or institution. FAER will not provide recommendations to departments on which faculty member or visiting professor to select for any visiting professorship. FAER will not provide recommendations to faculty members or visiting professors regarding specific visiting professorships.

This page and all content associated with the FAER Visiting Professor Program is not legal or tax advice. It is advisable to contact a tax professional about the tax implications of this type of donation.