Outlook for Anesthesiology Research Funding: Workforce and Training Issues

Richard Okita, PhD, Program Director at the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, of the National Institutes of Health, presented to the FAER Academy of Research Mentors in Anesthesiology at their 2012 business meeting.

His presentation, “Outlook for Research Funding: Workforce and Training Issues,” provided information about NIH funding rates of anesthesiology research.

Download Dr. Okita’s presentation below for …

  • An overview of NIGMS and its support of anesthesiology research
  • Statistics and charts detailing NIH funding of anesthesiology research, including NIH R01 awards, NIGMS funding for anesthesiology training grants (T32), and the number of K08/K23 grants awarded to anesthesiology departments, by NIH institute or center
  • A look at the funding rates of R01 applications by new investigators, by NIH institute or center
  • A review of anesthesiology research initiatives and grant initiatives via the NIH




In addition to his presentation, Dr. Okita shared three citations as additional resources. They can be found online on Science Translational Medicine journal’s website, and include:

  • Clinician-investigators as Translational Bioscientists: Shaping a Seamless Identity by Elazer Edelman and Kelly LaMarco (23 May 2012, Vol 4, Issue 135 135fs14)
  • Risk and Return for the Clinician-Investigator by Sara E. Hendrickson and David Altshuler (23 May 2012, Vol 4, Issue 135 135cm6)
  • What Great Creation by Alisa Clyne and Garret FitzGerald (3 October 2012, Vol 4, Issue 154 154cm10)


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